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Trauma days
February 28, 2006, 8:44 pm
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Now my trauma days are over, I am sitting at one of my favoriate local coffee shops in town, I decided to blog.

Well, none of my patients at surgical ICU were able to communicate with me because of the ventilator, and most of them did not come out of coma.   Every morning, instead of asking “how are you doing today?,” I have to rely on many of the numerical values such as ICP (intracrainal pressure), CPP (cerebral perfusion pressure), or ABGs (arterial blood gas values), to get an idea how they did overnight. I looked at more than 10 lab datas every morning, which made me dizzy.

It made me think–what makes a human being??  I think it takes more than just heart beating properly, or lung ventilationg all right…. A human is not just a collection of organs that is like a machine…. 

Then my patients’ families are in Mexico. They wanted to provide income to family and came here. Instead, they got into an accident at work, and now at surgical ICU. I tried to imagine, what they would say, if they were able to open eyes and  talk. And I  do not know whose responsibility is, such an unfortunate destiny. God? Even if they came out of coma, they would never be the same person whom they used to be.



Hello world!
February 28, 2006, 8:08 pm
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